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17 February 2012

Judging Process

Judging the Best Factory Awards is the exclusive remit of the most senior faculty members from Cranfield. Which, over 40 years has become one of the world's most prestigious schools of management dedicated to distinctively developing, innovating and improving the practice of management through its strong ties with business and industry.

The Judging Process Consists of Two Distinct Stages:

1.The first stage involves the completion of the self-administered audit questionnaire by plant managers. On its receipt at Cranfield School of Management, it is analysed to identify the best plants in each industry category. These are then invited to take part in the second stage; following which the awards winners are chosen.

2.At the second stage, a team of Cranfield School of Management assessors visit each of the selected plants. The team meets with the management and workforce on site to validate and make its assessment of the plant's competitive position and manufacturing performance.

Best Factory Awards

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