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Best Factory Awards 2014
Best Factory Awards Gala Lunch Date: 25/09/2015

10 March 2014

Buck & Hickman

Buck & Hickman

Buck & Hickman are proud to sponsor the Supply Chain Award at the 2015 Best Factory Awards.

With a pedigree spanning more than 180 years, Buck & Hickman is the UK's leading specialist distributor of tools, maintenance and health & safety products.

With the aim of 'adding value at every touch', Buck & Hickman also offers a range of value-added services which help its customers to lower total acquisition costs, reduce working capital and optimise production efficiency.

Among these is vendor-managed inventory, which harnesses the power of state-of-the-art technology to manage and track product usage with detailed reporting – a solution which time and time again proves to increase stock efficiency, optimise productivity and deliver greater control and accountability.

Now part of Brammer UK, Buck & Hickman offers more than 60,000 products from major names such as Bosch, Castrol, Deb, Dewalt, Dormer, Irwin Tools, Kimberly-Clark, Loctite, Murex, Nederman, North, Rocol, Sperian, Stanley and 3M, as well as its own award-winning Roebuck brand, exclusive to Buck & Hickman and Brammer



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