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07 August 2013


PEME is an exceptional engineering company that helps clients to maintain, improve and expand production assets.

PEME enhances the reliability, safety, productivity and profitability of plant assets through a range of integrated engineering services including: Maintenance Outsourcing, Project Installations, Condition Monitoring, Reliability Improvement, Mechanical & Electrical Design and Process Software Solutions.

PEME's focus is on developing a long-term working partnership, building an understanding of the client's business, performance measures and engineering processes and delivering a tailored solution. This ensures a strong sense of ownership of client's assets by PEME engineers, allowing PEME to make the production facilities run better, safer and more cost-effectively.

PEME's services range from the supply of individual specialists or multi-disciplined engineering teams through to the overall delivery of outsourced maintenance contracts or major process control turnkey projects. The value of projects undertaken ranges from £1K to £4M GBP and from single machine relocations to complete factory installations.

With a highly skilled workforce and a committed approach to clients and asset care, PEME has a proven track record in several industry sectors working with many major chemical, food and automotive manufacturers and utility companies across the world.




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