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How to Enter

A single entry form in the format of a self-administered audit questionnaire has been designed by the researchers at Cranfield School of Management. It has been developed to help companies view their manufacturing operations in relation to international standards and initiate improvement plans in order to achieve world class manufacturing standards. Its completion provides all that’s needed both to enter the awards and to qualify to receive a sector benchmark report for the entering plant.

Eligibility for Entry

Entries for the awards should be from a manufacturing plant located in the UK. A “plant” is defined as a self-contained unit with its own management staff, which may be identified either by separate facilities, by separate product types, or by a separate management structure. It is recognised that more than one plant may occupy a single physical location, and that the plants may share certain facilities.

Completing the Audit Questionnaire

Please read each section of the questionnaire fully before completing it. To ensure comparability across different plant types, definitions have been supplied where necessary.

The majority of the questions relate to your manufacturing plant’s operations. However a few ask about your parent company and its operations.

The questionnaire needs to be completed exactly as set out without amalgamating answers or entering ranges into answer boxes.

To obtain your copy of the audit questionnaire contact:

Maggie Bridge, Awards Co-ordinator
Cranfield School of Management
MK43 0AL
Tel: 01234 754498
Fax: 01234 752691